The Asuwa Shinto shrine       Fukui city, Fukui

        "Main deity"

        The 26th [Keitai emperor]



The Asuwa Shinto shrine in the Mt.Asuwa in Fukui city is a Shinto Shrine that the Keitai Emperor built. It is the Shinto Shrine with an old history more than 1500 years. .
The court at first, Sho-guns and generals from age to age revered and respected The Asuwa Shinto Shrine, and the festa has been continued for a long time.
The Asuwa Shinto Shrine moreover is recorded in a document of Japanese history such as "Nihonshoki", "Kojiki" and so on. The god title was given by successive emperors, and Uta-Emperor gave the credit to hold the ceremony which was called "Chinkonsai saikou-no-gi" each year. .41 staff were serving in this status high Shinto shrine until Edo period.
However, the manor in the Shinto shrine was declined because of the civil wars, and the territory has decreased, too.
Afterwards, Katsuie Shibata and the Matsudaira family who revered thoroughly The Asuwa Shinto Shrine helped to retain and contributed. The grand festival came to be held in this Shinto Shrine every 50 years.
It was burnt down entire the Asuwa Shinto Shrine in a previous great war dispite of the character of "Omiyadokoro" that Ninko Emperor wrote in 1350 and "Omiyadokoro-no-mitama" that Komei Emperor wrote in 1830 had been specified for the national treasure with the treasure warehouse.
Unfortunately, the building of The Asuwa Shinto Shrine has burnt due to a fire in 1900, the war in 1945, and the earthquake in 1948, etc. .However, the building of The Asuwa Shinto Shrine was rebuilt in any case, and became a present existance in 1959. Since then, establishment ceremony for 1500-year-old was held in 1976.